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Ole' Bugle Mouth!

Oklahoma's Carp

Scientific Name.................................Cyprinus carpio

Other Names
Bugle Mouth, Carp, German carp, mirror carp, Israeli carp

A heavy-bodied, laterally compressed minnow with a long dorsal fin and arched back. The first ray of the dorsal and anal fins is a stout, serrated spine. The small triangular head tapers to a blunt snout. The small, protrusible mouth contains no teeth and is located below the snout. There are two pair of barbels on the upper jaw. Body color is brassy green on top grading to bronze or gold on sides. The belly is yellowish white. Fins typically are yellow, orange, golden, or light olive in color.

Common carp are extremely adaptable fish. They can tolerate a wide range up temperatures (up to 96-degrees). This adaptability allows them to dominate many bodies of water that they inhabit. Common carp will prefer soft bottom areas such as muddy grasses or sand. Although they will congregate near deep-water drop-offs, they prefer to inhabit shallow waters.

Feeding Habits
Most often carp suck up quantities of silt, spit it out, and select out insect larvae, crustaceans, snails, and other food items. Young carp will also consume zooplankton. Adult carp are omnivorous, consuming both plant and animal foods. Plant foods include both rooted plants and algae. Organic debris can also be an important component of the diet.

Age and Growth
Few wild carp live longer than 12 years but individuals in captivity have lived as long as 47 years. Carp generally grow rapidly for the first few years until they reach sexual maturity and slows as energy is diverted into reproduction. Growth rates of carp vary considerably across North America which may reflect geographical, biological and environmental conditions at different locations.

Sporting Qualities
Pound for pound, carp will put up a fight equal to most sport fish. In Europe, carp rank third among sport fishes behind Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout. Carp are powerful and can grow quite large so appropriate tackle is required. Popular baits include dough balls, canned corn, bread crusts, and worms fished on the bottom.

Preparation and Table Quality
Carp are very bony but are excellent eating if properly prepared. Boiling and smoking are the two primary methods of cooking them.

Hot Lakes For Carp                                 Hot Tail Waters

Altus-Lugert                               Kaw
Skiatook                                    Keystone 
Fort Cobb                                  Foss in Washita
Foss                                         Altus-Lugert
Konawa                                     Grand
Overholser                                 fort Gibson
Grand                                        Eufaula







Carp Bait Recipe


1.One box Strawberry Jell-O

2. Five cups of Wheaties

3. 1/2 cup hot water

4. 5 table spoons of Karo white syrup

6. Mix thoroughly and make in small balls on cookie sheet

7. Refrigerate for 30 minutes and then stack in Ziploc Baggie!






















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