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On sale at Bass Pro Shops!






2 Nice Stripers

Kirk and Steve

Who caught the Biggest that night?

Lake Fork Bass


Proud of that Fish!


What a bass!


Our Favorite Missionary to China

Fun at Sooner!


Showed Ole Timmie up that day

Bill, Marvin, and Charlie

Another Great Day at Sooner

Bill & Marvin

Sooner Lake

Ed Hines and Bill catching

Lake Texoma

Brooke and Dad

That a girl! Super Hybrid from Fort Cobb

Cameron and Scott

Fort Cobb

Charlie Gammil

In Memory of our Fishing Buddy, They have real BIG ONES in Heaven Don't they Charlie!


Just Look At That Smile!

Dee and the Sooner Slab

Great feeling to design and build a lure that catches fish, Dee designed the Sooner Slab!


The Sooner Slab and Altus-Lugert, then the result!

Leland Sanders

Kaw Lake Jug lines & Chicken Gizzards

Leland Sanders

Kaw Lake Cats

Leland and Dottie

Leland's Grandson

Sander's Crew

That fish is almost as big as me!


Look at that smile!

Leland and Crew

Leland's Grandkids

Hurry and take that picture...these fish are heavy!

Luke Carder

OkieFish's biggest fan! Catches his first fish on the Garcia 6500!

The Bassman

Luke catches a Hybrid on Sooner! Looks Like the Sooner Plant behind him to me!

Super Bassman!

Hey, Luke looks like one of my fish! Oh, but what beauiful sight at Lake Murray!


I bet they stunk up the skillet that night with those saugeyes!

Mike Strawn & Albert McBee

Mike Strawn and Albert McBee

Mike Strawn and Albert McBee

Mike Strawn and Albert McBee

Jeff Davidson

Trout caught behind Altus-Lugert

Jeff Davidson and Son

Nice Brown Trout from Behind Altus-Lugert

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