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Two Hook Slab on the Market!

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The Sidewinder is an unbelievable fishing Machine! Perfect for Sand Bass, Hybrids, & Stripers. The Sidewinder should be fished slower that other slabs as it is designed to give off a sonic pulse that drive fish to strike! Fish the Sidewinder by dropping to the bottom, lifting at a medium pull so you can feel the vibration, do this about 2 times, then hold it a couple of feet off the bottom. Then HOLD ON! A proven method of fishing the Sidewinder is to tie a treble hook with a white or chartreuse buck tail about 2 1/2 feet above the lure. Great for winter time fishing, catch a fish, wait about 10 seconds before reeling up, chances are you'll catch TWO!

A new addition is the 2002 One Hook Sidewinder! The hook is in the middle and deadly on cranking up! Specify on Order System.





The Side Winder







New Single Hook



Sandbass & Hybrids

Don't Have A Chance!



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Designed by Fisherman For Fisherman!
The Striper's & Hybrids Don't Have A Chance! Time Tested Perfection!
Hand Poured & Hand Painted
The Striper's & Hybrids Don't Have A Chance! 12 Styles to choose from.
Four Sizes 7/8 to 2 1/2 oz.
The Striper's & Hybrids Don't Have A Chance! Dipped in Dupont Clear coat
Eagle Claw True Sharp Hooks
The Striper's & Hybrids Don't Have A Chance! Hours Of Engineering To Achieve Perfection
Field Tested -- With Unbelievable Results
The Striper's & Hybrids Don't Have A Chance! The Sidewinder has been Years in the making!
Only Fish The BEST!


Cordell, Oklahoma

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