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Fishing Report for January 13, 2016
Hefner: January 11. Elevation normal, water 42-45 and murky. Crappie good on minnows and jigs at 20-25 ft. along riprap and the dam; crappie are bunching up in spots off the dam, slip corking method works best. White bass, walleye and striped bass hybrids fair on jigs along riprap. Channel catfish fair on cut bait along riprap. Report submitted by Lucky Lure Tackle.

Overholser: January 10. Elevation normal, water murky to muddy. Crappie slow on jigs in pink and chartreuse along docks and brush structure. Blue and channel catfish slow on chicken liver and live bait in the main lake and along shorelines. Report submitted by Vince Mesis, game warden stationed in Oklahoma County.
Ft. Gibson: January 11. Elevation dropping, water 45 and murky. Blue catfish slow on shad in the main lake. All fishing slow due to high water levels. Report submitted by Rick Stafford of Wagoner.
Kaw: January 13. Elevation dropping, water 38. Crappie excellent on minnows and jigs at 15-22 ft. around brush structure and riprap. Report submitted by Spencer Grace, game warden stationed in Kay County.
Keystone: January 11. Elevation above normal, water 50. Striped bass good on jigs below the dam. Blue catfish fair on cut bait below the dam and along channels. Report submitted by Karlin Bailey, game warden stationed in Creek County.
Lower Illinois: January 10. Elevation above normal, water muddy. Trout slow. Due to large water releases no trout stocking is currently taking place. Report submitted by Jeremy Bersche, game warden stationed in Sequoyah County.
Sooner: January 11. Elevation normal, water clear. Striped bass hybrids and striped bass slow on live shad and sassy shad in the discharge and the main lake. Report submitted by Doug Gottschalk, game warden stationed in Noble County.
Arbuckle: January 9. Elevation 8 ft. above normal and dropping, water 48 and very muddy. Carp slow on dough bait at 20 ft. around docks. Report submitted by Jack Melton. 

Eufaula: January 10. Elevation 9 ft. above normal and dropping. Largemouth bass slow on crankbaits and plastic baits around points. White bass fair on jigs at 10-15 ft. below the dam and along riprap. Crappie good on minnows and jigs at 10-15 ft. along docks and creek channels. Blue catfish good on shad and cut bait at 15-20 ft. below the dam, along riprap and the inlet. Report submitted by Cody Jones, game warden stationed in McIntosh County. 

Hugo: January 10. Elevation above normal, water 43 and muddy. Blue catfish fair on shad and cut bait at 5-15 ft. below the dam. The lake is flooded and boat access is very limited at this time. Report submitted by Jay Harvey, game warden stationed in Choctaw and Bryan counties.
Konawa: January 12. Elevation normal, water 42 and clear. Largemouth bass slow on crankbaits, small lures and sassy shad at 12-18 ft. in the discharge and around points. Channel catfish slow on chicken liver, worms, stinkbait and hotdogs at 8-14 ft. along channels, points and in the discharge. White bass slow on crankbaits, worms, slabs and spoons at 10-16 ft. in the discharge and around points. Report submitted by Tyler Howser, game warden stationed in Seminole County.
Lower Mountain Fork: January 10. Elevation normal, water 44 and murky. Trout fair on PowerBait along the river channel. Beaver's Bend State Park is currently closed due to flood damage. Anglers can still access the river near Mt. Fork Park east of Broken Bow as well as stretches of the river located in the Ouachita National Forest. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.
Pine Creek: January 10. Elevation above normal, water 46 and murky. Largemouth bass fair on spoons and jigs at 20 ft. around points. Channel catfish good on cut bait and worms along the river channel. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.
Robert S. Kerr: January 10. Elevation above normal, water muddy. Crappie good on minnows along standing timber, creek channels and Big Sans Bois Creek. Blue and channel catfish fair on shad at 6 ft. below the dam and along the river channel. Largemouth bass slow on jerk baits and spinnerbaits at 8 ft. around brush structure, creek channels and rocks. Report submitted by J. D. Stauffer, game warden stationed in Haskell County.

Texoma: January 10. Elevation above normal, water 52 and clear in the south and muddy in the north. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fair on crankbaits, plastic baits and jigs at 10-20 ft. around brush structure, riprap and creek channels. Striped and white bass fair on live shad, sassy shad and slabs at 10-20 ft. in the river channel, below the dam and in the main lake. Channel and blue catfish fair on stinkbait, cut bait and worms below the dam, along riprap and coves. Crappie and sunfish fair on minnows and tube jigs at 5-15 ft. along creek channels, docks and brush structure. Paddlefish fair at 10-20 ft. below the dam when generating. Report submitted by Danny Clubb, game warden stationed in Bryan County.
Wister: January 11. Elevation 25 1/2 ft. above normal. Largemouth bass slow on plastic baits along flats. All other fishing slow. Report submitted by Randy Fennell, game warden stationed in LeFlore County.
Foss: January 11. Elevation 5 1/2 ft. below normal, water low 50s. Striped bass hybrids good drifting slabs. White bass slow on live bait. Catfish fair on liver. Walleye fair on live bait. Report submitted by Eric Puyear, B&K Bait House.
Tom Steed: January 12. Elevation above normal, water 42. Blue and channel catfish fair on cut bait, stinkbait and shad on bottom along flats. Report submitted by David Smith, game warden stationed in Kiowa County.
Waurika: January 11. Elevation normal, water 45. Crappie fair on jigs around brush structure. Blue catfish fair on cut bait and stinkbait along shorelines. Report submitted by Chris Stover, game warden stationed in Stephens County.

Texoma Striper Fishing With A Sooner Slab

Steve Upchurch with a Nice 10lb Striper

Caught of out OkieFish's Boat

Sept 20th, 2014



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