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Crappie Spawn is Coming Soon

For many Oklahoma sportsmen, spring is the best time of the year.

After all, spring means warmer weather and a great time to get outdoors

and take advantage of Oklahoma's excellent fishing opportunities. Crappie

fishing is one of the most popular fishing opportunities available and the

action will soon be heating up across the Sooner State.

"It won’t be too much longer and the crappie will begin moving into

shallow water. The next few weeks are going to be some of the best times

to go crappie fishing," said Paul Mauck, south central fisheries

supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

According to Mauck, crappie can be found moving into shallow water to

spawn once the water temperature reaches the upper 50s. Crappie spawning generally takes place in water only 18 to 36 inches deep.

“The best place to catch crappie prior to and during the spawn is around

structure in shallow water. The upper areas of the reservoirs that have

some brush or other cover are usually the most productive spots,” Mauck

said. “Gradually sloping rip rap along dams is another good place to fish,

and anglers might try a little deeper water to find fish that are

preparing to move into shallow water soon." He added that a wide variety of lures can be used, including small spinners, jigs and minnows.

"A jig and a free-floating cork is a pretty good method of finding

crappie. You can bounce that jig along and won’t get hung as much," Mauck said.

There is an abundance of places to catch a stringer full of crappie. Here

are a few spots to try on your next fishing trip.

Kaw Lake, near Ponca City, is known for fast crappie action all year long.

“Anglers are catching good numbers of crappie along the rip rap near the

Kaw City and Washunga bridges,” said Tracy Daniel, Oklahoma game warden

stationed in Kay County.

Standing timber near Beaver Creek is also a good place to catch a crappie

worth bragging about.

Texoma Lake in south-central Oklahoma offers anglers the first shot at

spawning crappie – the fish spawn earlier in the warmer waters of southern

Oklahoma. Brush-filled coves along the north shore are excellent places to

find crappie.

McGee Creek Lake, near Atoka, is worth the drive for the scenic beauty

alone. The pine-covered mountains are a bonus to the good numbers of

crappie that call the lake home. Anglers can find shallow water with

plenty of structure in the north end of the lake.

Lake Eufaula, near Checotah, earned its nickname – the Gentle Giant. The

lake has many sprawling coves along more than 600 miles of shoreline.

Shallow coves with full exposure to the sun are good places to wet a line.

For a complete list of regulations, anglers should pick up a copy of the

“2003 Oklahoma Fishing Guide” before heading out on any fishing adventure

or log on to the Departments Web site at Just For Fishn'
Copyright (c) 2001 5954 E Hubbard Rd Ponca City, OK 74604

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